Training, Consultancy and Mentoring

Cloudsmith has provided the following paid and pro-bono services to a variety of clients:

  • Software, Capital Markets training courses
  • Cloud on-boarding and DevOps-centric consultancy
  • Business and One-to-One mentoring/coaching
  • University student and course sponsorships
  • Open-source contributions and code reviews
  • Software development contracts (for Top-Tier / Fortune 500 companies)

We’re currently re-evaluating our consultancy offering and pricing but we typically charge at least £750 per day for consultancy (unless the work is being conducted pro-bono), depending on the length and complexity of the work, but we’re willing to meet the needs of all our clients.

If you’d still like to discuss consultancy (or other) work with us then please feel free to contact us for a free evaluation.