The Cloudsmith Team

Meet the creative minds behind the Cloudsmith brand, business and platform:

Alan Carson

The Logician
I take it the odds are against us and the situation is grim?

Alan is the Chief Executive Officer at Cloudsmith Ltd, i.e. our fearless leader and all-round wheel greaser. Prior to managing innovative Cloud-based platforms he was a Development Manager at Belfast-based Wombat Financial Software Ltd / NYSE Technologies Ltd where he ran new Feed Handler development. Prior to Wombat he spent three years as a Software Architect at failed broadcast startup FBBT. He spent his early career as a Java Developer for XIT2 in England and Petroleum Helicopters Inc. in the United States.

Lee Skillen

The Architect
# FIXME: Explain this incomprehensible "code" later.

Lee is the Chief Technical Officer at Cloudsmith Ltd, i.e. our coding mercenary in chief and lead nitpicker, and also a founding member of the company. Prior to architecting innovative Cloud-based platforms he was a Technical Architect at Belfast-based Wombat Financial Software Ltd / NYSE Technologies Ltd, a low latency market data business, where he led development on high performance data adapters. Prior to Wombat he was (a long time ago) a Founder and Principal Engineer at Newzbin Ltd, creators of the NZB file format, where he helped to develop the world’s most advanced indexing database and search engine for Usenet.

Mr Smith's avatar

Mr Smith

Chief Awesomeness Officer
The Mascot
I can't believe what a bunch of nerds we are.

Jefferson "Jeff" Smith is the Chief Awesomeness Officer at Cloudsmith Ltd. In charge of the whimsy and caprice, he spends his days floating across the Cloudsmith aether making everything even more awesome.

Board of Directors

Andrew Carson

Non-Executive Director

Andy is a founding member of Cloudsmith. He is a leading expert in aerospace software, and is currently the principal engineer for X-15 Data Systems, a company that builds software systems using the latest Java/Web technologies for commercial and military clients. Prior to X-15, he built a Configuration Management system called Raptor, which was acquired initially by MRO and then finally acquired and integrated by IBM into IBM Maximo.


The awesome advisors who help keep Cloudsmith on the path to victory:

Denis Murphy

CEO at Anaeko

Denis co-founded Anaeko in 2004 and has over 20 years of sales and management experience, spanning mobile telecoms and ITSM. He has a proven track record of building and exiting niche software companies. Denis holds a range of technology investments and sits on the board of QUBIS, the Queen's University spin out fund.

Paul McKeever

CEO at Continually

Paul is the Founder and CEO of Continually, a platform for generating more leads by using conversational interfaces. Paul has a proven track record of building creative companies and guiding them to success. He previously founded Front and Typecast, which sold to Monotype in 2014.

Stuart Harvey

CEO at Datactics

Stuart is the Chief Executive Officer at Belfast-based Datactics Ltd, an Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) and data cleansing company that provides class-leading data quality and matching software to the capital markets, healthcare, government and supply-chain industries. He is also a leading investor in Northern Ireland and was named the 2015 Halo "Business Angel of the Year." Prior to Datactics he was the CEO of Harco Technology which was acquired by Wombat Software (now Vela Trading Technologies) in 2007.